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We have the Biggest Variety of Bakhoor in the USA. A Wide Variety of Perfumed Oils, Colognes and Sprays. With WORLDWIDE Shipping, We can cater to almost anyone in any country. Make your house a home. Your Arabian Home...Here

From our customers

MashaAllah MashaAllah Cuzz I like the bakhoor you introduced me to and I bought I'm loving it Inshallah I'll be calling you for my next round when I'm close to finishing it shukran Asalama alakum

Order #2100

Enjoyed the time working with you. Be Safe! What is your name? Are your on Face Book?

Order #1040

Ok thank you so much. This is so kind of you. Looking forward to do more business with you. OMG I tried a few of them and they smell amazing. specially the small variety ones. I'm super happy. Will be ordering more.

Order #1043

Thanks you are super fast i'm happy

Order #1044

OMG these smell so good. The ones in the fancy jars are authentic bakhoor. I will definitely be ordering all my bakhoor from you.

Order #1002

The order came fast, and it was just as I expected...quality!

Order #1083

I ordered the trial pak. Ive burnt other brand bakhoor before & it was so nice! Didnt know this stuff existed until last year! I love the packaging for these brand. Alhamdulillah!

Order #1073

I just got my Bakhoor and I love it MashAllah they even threw in an extra item...they are reasonably priced and they got here with in 5 days Id say, really fast.

Order #1047

My order came & I love them

Order #1072

From our customers

I received my order, very fast shipping. I love everything

Order #1121

Masha Allah - I am so overwhelmed (and excited) by all the different kind of bakhoor you carry!! I can't wait for my order to arrive. Insha Allah I will order the other one I love in the next order.

Order #1149

Ordering more now, I loved the sample packs and my 1st order was here just as quickly!

Order #1072

Oh an let me brag on the customer service on this is phenomenal and has made me one raving fan

Order #1296, #1297

This is my first time to buy these beautiful scents on your website. So excited!

Order #1312

I received my package today and tried it first time. I love it. Thank you so much

Order #1336

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