How to Navigate through My

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How to Navigate through My

My is organized in a few different ways.

With over 150 varieties of Bakhoor alone, there had to be some kind of organization to the chaos.  

If you know what you are looking for, you can go to the search bar and type it in.  The item should pop up immediately. From there you can continue to the page and add to cart or place your order

If you decide to go through the menu, there is a different type of categorization.

You can choose to go to All Bakhoor or All Arabian Oils.  This will give you exactly what it says, All the varieties we have.  You can sift through page after page and see all our products at your leisure.  

The other option is via the company.  All the items are categorized through the company the Bakhoor comes from.  There is also a breakdown for some companies into the different items they sale, whether it be Bakhoor or Perfumes

For example, The company Haramain, would give 2 sub categories. 

*Haramain Bakhoor
*Haramain Perfumes and Oils.

From here, you can choose which category of that company you'd like to shop from.  Bakhoor or Perfumes.

Or you can click on "Haramain" in the menu and both categories from Bakhoor and Perfumes for the company would show up on the page.


Another way you can shop is via the type of Bakhoor you want.

In the menu options, we have

*Square Bakhoors- the 35-45gm of square boxed Bakhoor
*Mamool- The white powdered sticks of Bakhoor
*Oud Chips- All of our Oud chips Bakhoor
*Sandalwood- Our Raw Sandalwood options
*Musk-  Our Musk options
*Spiced Bottles- For all the Bakhoor that come in Spice Bottles.
*Octagon Series- For all the Octagon packages we carry

Then you can also view other categories which is broken down into ease of purchase

Examples would be

*Specials- The deals we have
*New- The items that we just put up
*Under $10- These are all our items that are under $10- and we have MANY
*Mics Gifts- Gift items you'd like share with friends and family
*Beauty- for Health and Beauty
*Mics. Bakhoor- Miscellaneous Bakhoor that dont follow any particular company
*Bakhoor Burners/Mabkharas-  All our Incense Burners

You can also click here. This is the My Blog Posts where you can check out more info.

If you find yourself still having trouble navigating the website, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.  You can contact us in several ways

Through the messenger on the bottom right hand corner of your screen
Through our Facebook page
Through our email


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