What is the Best Smelling Bakhoor?

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What Is the Best Smelling Bakhoor


            So you are interested in Bakhoor.  You’ve read up on it and decided that it’s time to dive into the enchanted world of Arabian Aromas.  But where do you start?  There are sooo many to pick from.  Which one do you choose??

Don’t fret, we are here to help.  This blog will guide you through the maze of Bakhoor, giving you the tools to choose the perfect scent for you.

Buying Bakhoor online can be an obstacle at times, especially if you’ve never smelled any of the fragrances before.  And even if you have, there’s so many options in front of you that it can be a bit confusing.  Even the avid Bakhoor user may find themselves overwhelmed when choosing between the varieties.  That’s where brand comes in. 

As stated in the previous blog (“What is Bakhoor”), Bakhoor comes in all forms and varieties.  In different shapes, sizes and textures. 

Like every other product in the world, Bakhoor too, has brands.  Some of the popular known brands are Nabeel, Ard Al Khayam, Al Khayam Zafron and many others.  Each brand carries multiple scents of Bakhoor.  These can be considered the “mainstream” Bakhoor that people tend to gravitate to.  They have a proven track record with pleasant scented varieties.  They come individually wrapped in 40g solid powdered form that’s molded into perforated mini squares, easy to break off for use.   

These tend to be pretty popular among the mainstream Bakhoor users.  It is a ‘comfort buy’ knowing you can’t go wrong in your choice.  They are affordable in price, retaining all the quality and prestige of the Bakhoor ensemble. 

Other companies like Haramain, Khadlaj, Surrati, Rehab, Sedr Al Khaleej etc. tend to have higher-end Bakhoor.  These can come in the powdered tablets form, Mamul or Oud (wood chips).  What makes it higher end is not the medium of the Bakhoor, but the scented oils that are being used.  This is why majority of the time you’ll find companies of Bakhoor also selling their own brands of scented oils and perfumes.  It is because these same scents are what they use when making their brand of Bakhoor.

But more money does not necessarily equate to better scented Bakhoor.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes the cost reflects the rarity of the scents or the use of argarwood (which is mentioned in the previous blog “What is Bakhoor”).  Or it reflects the length of time the scent lingers in the air.  Many of these aromas are for experienced Bakhoor users who’ve acquired a certain style and “taste” for the scents being offered.  They are users who have been in the Bakhoor game for 30, 40, 50 even 60 years.  Their style of Bakhoor is their own and not many mainstream users find pleasure in all those types.  An example of this would be a strong Oud (Argarwood) fragrance or a strong scent of Frankincense (Yemeni Bakhoor Luban


Not to say that those companies mentioned above don’t have really great scents to offer.  On the contrary, they are some of the most pleasant aromas ever to fill the air.  They come in powdered form, Mamul or Oud (wood chips).  Each is made in the same way, soaked in scented oils to give birth to that which is known as Bakhoor.  If you have the extra money to spend, then it is recommended that you try them out.  They are like no other scents you’ve come across.  These are not only pleasant to the senses but are therapeutic as well.  It’s as if the aromas gives your body permission to relax and unwind as you take in all the pleasures these scents have to offer. 

If you feel like you are ready for the experience of Oud and Mamul, then these scents are for you.

If you haven’t bought Bakhoor yet and find yourself wanting to delve into the mystic world of Arabian Scents but have some reserve, then the 40g squares are the way to go.  Affordable in price, these companies have a proven track record with their customers and offer an excellent array of aromas to choose from.  These brands have made a name for themselves in the Arab world which is why we recommend them for your first time.

Ard Al Khayam
Al Khayam Zafron

            You can’t go wrong with any of these.  As you explore all of these beautiful aromas, you’ll not only find “yourself” within these fragrances, but will also find yourself a collector of Bakhoor. You’ll find comfort and relaxation through your journey into the Aromas of Arabian Scents.   


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  • Omar Khaliq

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

    I love incense and have been trying to find smells that are pleasant to friends and family. It’s always a hit or miss for me and I get more and more confused trying to find the smells everyone enjoys online as well as at retail stores. Can you please recommend what I should buy to start with as a variety of different ones?


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